Our work

We work to create better options for birthing women. We want to see a reduction in women having traumatic birth experiences due to obstetric violence and an increase in women having positive, empowered births.

Changing Institutional Practices

Two of the biggest reasons women experience traumatic births are:

  1. Unnecessary medical interventions that lead can to serious birth complications
  2. Feeling coerced or mistreated by hospital staff

In order to decrease the number of women having these experiences during childbirth, Humanize Birth is striving to encourage hospitals to improve their informed consent and informed refusal practices and asking for staff accountability when they fail to comply with informed consent law.

We have been writing letters to hospitals, trying to arrange meetings with hospital administration, and holding rallies to raise awareness about the importance of these issues.

How do we want to humanize birth?

  • Improve transparency on the part of medical health care providers & institutions; both in the type of services they offer and in their medical statistics
  • Educate the public and members of the medical profession about what normal birth really is
  • Promote mothers as being the authorities during the pregnancy, birth, and post-partum, as opposed to the health care providers
  • Improve consent to health care laws and the way they are practised

Follow what we have been doing as we work towards this goal:

 Providing Support To Birthing Women