Here we have listed organizations and groups that advocate for women’s rights in childbirth and/or work to improving women’s choices in childbirth.  If you have an organization that we should list here or know of another relevant article that we should include, please let us know.



Human Rights in Childbirth
A grass-roots network of men and women working from around the globe to examine the role of human rights in birth care systems worldwide.


Canada-wide organizations

Humanize Birth
A non-profit grass-roots organization that advocates for everyone’s basic human right to respectful, peaceful, humane birth. We focus on:
1. Ensuring respect for maternal choices during childbirth
2. Preventing obstetric violence against birthing women
3. Normalizing birth as a dignified, natural, intimate, mother-led physiological process
Founder: Kalina Christoff
Board of Directors: Kate Althouse, Jessica Austin, Tara Burkhart, Kalina Christoff, Elodie Joy Ramjheetun


Mothers of Change
A non-profit consumer advocacy group advancing mother-friendly care, by:
1. Providing education and information to expectant and new mothers, other members of the public, and health care professionals on evidence-based best practices for maternity care
2. Researching and facilitating communication about mothers’ experiences of maternity care and practices of maternity care providers and how they can be improved
Phone: 1-866-640-9595
Founder: Asheya Hennessey
Executive Director: Chelsea Salazar-Casson


Local Canadian groups and contacts



Humanize Birth
Kalina Christoff:
Jessica Austin:
Tara Burkhart:
Elodie Joy Ramjheetun:

Vancouver Birth Trauma
A peer-support group for women in the lower mainland who have been through traumatic childbirth.
Sara Darwin:


Vancouver Island

Advocates for Birth Choice – Comox Valley
Contact: Natalie Raedwulf, 250-218-0168

Mid Island Birth Support (MIBS) group
A peer to peer support gruop for birth mothers who had a difficult or traumatic birth experience.  Attendance at meetings is confidential.






Mothers of Change – National Capital Region Chapter

Contact: Celine Ouellette,


The Positive Birth Movement

Contact: Nancy Salgueiro,


Informed Choice Coalition


Contact persons: Wendy Jolliffe, Gina Merlin, Margaret Crothers, Nancy Salgueiro or Robin Guy


The Breech Birth Coallition

Contact: Robin Guy,


Consumers Supporting Midwifery Care

Contact:, Donna Todd or Jenya Levin




Humanize Birth

Contact: Kate Althouse,


Maternal Health Consumer Group for HBAC in Saskatchewan

Contact: Lisa V Wass


Mothers of Change – Saskatchewan




Local organizations and groups around the world

Birth Rights

A UK organisation dedicated to improving women’s experience of pregnancy and childbirth by promoting respect for human rights. 

3 Colours
A non-profit organization registered in the UK that supports maternal rights and choices in childbirth.

Rescate Mamá
A Facebook page for mothers and fathers that suffered obstetric violence in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Catalan association for respectful childbirth


Relevant blogs and articles 

Abuse in Hospital-Based Birth Settings?, by Susan Hodges, Journal of Perinatal Education, v 18(4), Fall 2009
Yes means yes, by Janet Fraser on
The dirty secrets of birth rape, by Scott Dunlop on
Unhappy Birthdays, Part 1: Why more mothers are saying they were “birth raped”, by Bianca Pencz on
Unhappy Birthdays, Part 2: The politics of “birth rape” and mothers with PTSD, by Bianca Pencz on
Unhappy Birthdays, Part 3: Why “birth rape” continues to happen, by Bianca Pencz on
Women’s right in childbirth, by Erika Thompson on
“Obstetric violence” and the ongoing movement to redefine consent, on
Join the Revolution of Roses: A movement to end obstetric violence against women, by Kalina Christoff on
“Obstetric violence” introduced as a new legal term in Venezuela, on
“Mars Attack”: Violation of Women by Care Providers At Birth, by Judy Cohain, on


Relevant videos from other groups


For Humanize Birth’s videos, see our video blog

Babel: Voices of a medical Trama, the traumatic childbirth story of a pediatrician
Parir amb respecte (Birth with respect)
, by DONAllum (in Spanish, subtitles in English available in the video captions)