Use this PDF to send a letter of request to the President of Sunnybrook Hospital


If you want to request an official statement from Sunnybrook Hospital regarding the OBGYNE Style video and the inappropriateness of its public endorsement by Sunnybrook’s staff and physicians, you can use the following PDF file:

OBGYNE Style video Letter of Request

Make sure to replace all the text from the blue boxes on the top right with your name, address, email, and so on. This information is important so you can be contacted for verification of your identity and so that your letter cannot be discarded by its recipients as “anonymous” or “made up”.

The text in the blue box under the paragraph in bold is suggested. Feel free to use it, edit it, delete it, or replace it with your own as you see fit. However, keep the text within the box so that your whole letter fits within one page (short letters are the most effective).

We would love to keep track of all the letters that have been sent. Please keep us updated on what you send and to whom. Copy us on any emails you send:

Or email your letters to us separately. In the event of lack of response or lack of action on the part of Sunnybrook Hospital, we will be sending the stack of already sent letters to various officials and to the press in order to put additional pressure on Sunnybrook Hospital if necessary.

To send your letter:


1. PRINT the letter to a PDF file on your computer and send it as an email attachment to Sunnybrook’s President, Dr. Barry Mclellan

Select “Printer: Adobe PDF” when you print or use another virtual PDF printer such as PDFcreator. Do NOT use the “save” button and send the resulting file as an attachment because the fields you’ve completed will not be permanent and any recipient will be able to change them. Use the “Print” function to produce the file you send; that way, your text will be permanent.

Here is what your email might look like:

Subject: OB/GYNE Style video: Request for your official statement

Dear Dr. McLellan,

Please find attached my letter, requesting that your make an official statement regarding the OB/GYNE Style “Hospital Parody” video and the inappropriateness of its public endorsement by your hospital’s staff and physicians. In my letter, I elaborate on the many reasons for why such a statement from you is necessary.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter by replying to this email.

Your name
Phone Number

2. PRINT the letter to your printer and mail it by regular mail to:

Dr. Barry McLellan
President and CEO
Sunnybrook Hospital
H332-2075 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON M4N 3M5

We recommend that you send your letter both by email and by regular mail, but we also recognize that your time is precious. Even if you only send it by email or only by regular mail, you will be voicing your concern and that is the most important thing. By sending us a copy of your letter, you will also allow us to include you in the collective voice of the many people who found this video and its endorsement by the medical community inappropriate and offensive.

Thank you for taking action!


To read our blog posts and discussion of what makes this video and its endorsement by the medical community offensive, damaging, and indeed tragic, please see our  Sunnybrook’s Gangnam Style “Hospital Parody” Video blog posts and our We Demand Apology for “Hospital Parody” Video by U of T Obgyn Residents facebook page.

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