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Letter to Dr. Glenn Posner (and those who may be interested in trying to understand)

To Dr. Glenn Posner Residency Program Director Obstetrics and Gynecology Ottawa, Ontario By Jennifer Smith Mother of four Ottawa, Ontario In response to Dr. Posner’s facebook post from December 21, 2012 on the We Demand an Apology for “Hospital Parody” Video by U of T Obgyn Residents campaign facebook page: (Disclaimer: This letter was written with the intention to […]

Use this PDF to send a letter of request to the President of Sunnybrook Hospital

If you want to request an official statement from Sunnybrook Hospital regarding the OBGYNE Style video and the inappropriateness of its public endorsement by Sunnybrook’s staff and physicians, you can use the following PDF file: OBGYNE Style video Letter of Request Make sure to replace all the text from the blue boxes on the top […]

How Gangnam style is helping raise awareness of obstetric violence

The public protest against University of Toronto Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents’ OB/GYNE Style video is our most successful campaign to date.  The “We Demand an Apology for ‘Hospital Parody’ video by U of T Obgyn Residents” facebook campaign has now grown beyond Humanize Birth, with more than 160 supporters (the majority of whom are not part of […]

Why this video and its endorsement by the medical community is tragic rather than comic

By Kalina Christoff On December 14, 2012, Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital published a Gangnam Style “hospital parody” called “OB/GYNE Style” on its official YouTube channel.  The video was created by University of Toronto obstetrics and gynaecology residents and it was filmed in Sunnybrook Hospital’s maternity ward.  It received many congratulatory comments from medical staff and obstetrics […]

Humanize Birth supports those who find Sunnybrook’s video offensive and who demand public apology

On December 14, 2012, Sunnybrook Hospital uploaded a Gangnam Style “hospital parody” video by University of Toronto obstetrics residents on the hospital’s official Youtube Channel. Some people found this video highly offensive and considered its endorsement by Sunnybrook Hospital and its indirect endorsement by the University of Toronto’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology disrespectful towards […]