Is respect and dignity during childbirth only for royals?

By Kalina Christoff On Monday, July 22 at 4:24 pm local time in London, UK, Kate Middleton gave birth to the royal baby.  It was a perfect, natural birth and it went exactly according to her birth plan.  Medication free, her labour sailed through beautifully in a private delivery suite, with four midwives watching over […]

Tanja: Informed consent and physical autonomy were taken away from me

I am certain that my first birth experience is not very different from the majority of mums’  who feel traumtised by highly medicalised births at Australian hospital labour wards, where their choice  of a natural and un-medicated birth experience  was completely ignored and where they were coerced into agreeing to unnecessary interventions. The only difference […]

Humanize Birth supports those who protest the denial of hospital privileges for BC midwife Katie McNiven by St. Joseph’s General Hospital in Comox

Recently Katie McNiven Gladman, a registered midwife in the Comox Valley (Vancouver Island, BC), applied for hospital privileges at Comox’s St. Joseph’s General Hospital.  The hospital rejected her application based on unclear and subjective allegations of “lack of collegiality”.  Katie is in good standing with the College of Midwives of British Columbia (CMBC) and given the shortage of […]

Josee: I was held down as I screamed

My third birth was a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean); a quick one.  36 minutes from my water breaking to delivery.  It was the best labour and delivery ever. But what occurred after the baby`s birth was abusive. My water broke at 9:40am and we pulled into the hospital parking lot at 10am. By 10:16 my baby […]

I suffered from PTSD because students needed to “learn”

I was denied an epidural for 3 hours (I was experiencing extreme back labour, with no breaks in between contractions). Without my informed consent, several attempts to attach an internal heart monitor failed. I felt so violated by the two male doctors with each attempt and was then left wondering if my baby was OK. I […]